pasy productions

By: Willy Russell
4th - 7th OCTOBER 2023
Directed by: Jane Stephens


Shirley Valentine - Carol Harvey

The heroine in this actor's tour-de-force is an ordinary middle class English housewife. As she prepares chips and egg for dinner, she ruminates on her life and tells the wall about her husband, her children, her past, and an invitation from a girlfriend to join her on holiday in Greece to search for romance and adventure. Ultimately, Shirley does escape to Greece, has an "adventure" with a local fisherman and decides to stay.

'Shirley Valentine' was sponsored by The Local: The Local Chlorakas

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A BUNCH OF AMATEURS A Bunch of Amateurs
By: Ian Hislop and Nick Newman
11th - 13th, 18th - 20th MAY 2023
Directed by: Sian Williams


Dorothy Nettle - Jan West
Nigel Dewbury - Peter Sandwith
Mary Plunkett - Jane Stephens
Denis Dobbins - Doug Craig
Jefferson Steel - Chris Neale
Lauren Bell - Liz Pearce
Jessica Steel - Carol Harvey
Journalist 1 - Steve Hales
Journalist 2 - Anne Colling

Keen to boost his flagging career, fading Hollywood action hero Jefferson Steele arrives in England to play King Lear in Stratford – only to find that this is not the birthplace of the Bard, but a sleepy Suffolk village. And instead of Kenneth Branagh and Dame Judi Dench, the cast are a bunch of amateurs trying to save their theatre from developers. Jefferson’s monstrous ego, vanity and insecurity are tested to the limit by the enthusiastic am-dram thespians. As acting worlds collide and Jefferson’s career implodes, he discovers some truths about himself – along with his inner Lear.

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9th - 11th March 2023
A play by David Wood, adapted from the book by Michelle Magorian

Directed by: Penny Cook


Mister Tom - Ken McDowall
Billeting Officer / Nurse - Jan West
William - Isla Portman
Sammy's Puppeteer - Linda Crawshaw
Charlie Ruddles / Mr Stelton - Derek Whittle
Mrs Fletcher / Social Worker - Liz Pearce
Dr Little / ARP Warden - Chris Neale
Mrs Hartridge / Ticket Collector - Anne Colling
Mr Hartridge / The Vicar - Peter Sandwith
Ginnie - Polina Druz
Carrie - Hope Mifsud Gaiger
Georgy - Mira Kutsera
Miss Thorne / Mrs Beech - Carol Harvey
Zach - Polina Michailow
Mrs Miller / Glad - Jane Stephens
Policeman - Geoff Greavey
Villager/Puppeteer - Maya Portman

One of the most uplifting stories ever written, Michelle Magorian's stunning Goodnight Mister Tom is brought gloriously to life in this stage adaptation by David Wood. Set during the dark and dangerous build up to the Second World War, Goodnight Mister Tom follows sad young William Beech, who is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside and builds a remarkable and moving friendship with the elderly recluse Tom Oakley. All seems perfect until William is devastatingly summoned by his mother back to London.

5th - 10th December 2022
Written and Directed by: Doug Craig


Avanuzzer - Steve Hales
Slave of the Ring - Jane Stephens
Wishy Washy - Thomas Schendel
Chi Doo - Sophia Bielefeld
Mae Bee - Anne Colling
Norah Chans - Pat Parker
Aladdin - Sian Williams
Yoyo the Grand Vizier - Adrian Woolcott
Empress Dragonella - Liz Pearce
Emperor Friz Bee - Peter Moore
Princess Jus Tso - Diane Bailey
Widow Twankey - Roger Bailey
Genie of the Lamp - Ashley Saunders

Dancers Team A - Maria Bott, Alisa Dultseva, Nataly Georgiou, Lidia Kaplunova, Remie Puncheon, Eva Shomalistos

Dancers Team B - Eleni Bott, Rowena Page, Roxy Page, Eva Shomalistos, Maria Shomalistos, Izabella Smith

We are planning a traditional pantomime this year, Aladdin. This is the story as we all know it with a few twists and unexpected characters. But all the usual suspects are there, Widow Twankey, Wishy Washy, the evil villain magician, the Slave of the Ring, the Genie, Aladdin and the Princess of course plus many other characters. We hope to have lots of singing and dancing and plenty of laughs.

'Aladdin' was sponsored by 3D Global Wealth Management:

By: Ronald Harwood
29th, 30th September, 1st October, 6th, 7th, 8th October 2022
Directed by: Fiona Greavey


Cecily (Cissy) Robson - Carol Harvey
Reginald (Reggie) Paget - Peter Sandwith
Wilfred (Wilf) Bond - Chris Neale
Jean Horton - Jan West

Cecily, Reggie and Wilfred reside in a home for retired opera singers in Kent, England. Each year, on the tenth of October, there is a concert to celebrate Verdi's birthday. Jean, who used to be married to Reggie, arrives at the home and disrupts their equilibrium. She still acts like a diva and refuses to sing. But the show must go on .....

'Quartet' was sponsored by Maplebrook Services Maplebrook Services

By: Noël Coward
12th, 13th, 14th May 2022
Directed by: Siân Williams


Edith (a maid) - Anne Colling
Ruth - Jane Stephens
Charles - Adrian Woolcott
Dr Bradman - Steve Hales
Mrs Bradman - Pat Parker
Madame Arcati - Denise Richards
Elvira - Siân Williams

The smash comedy hit of the London and Broadway stages, this much-revived classic from the playwright of Private Lives offers up fussy, cantankerous novelist Charles Condomine, re-married but haunted (literally) by the ghost of his late first wife, the clever and insistent Elvira who is called up by a visiting “happy medium,” one Madame Arcati. As the (worldly and un-) personalities clash, Charles’ current wife, Ruth, is accidentally killed, “passes over,” joins Elvira, and the two “blithe spirits” haunt the hapless Charles into perpetuity.

HI-DE-HI! Hi-De-Hi!
By: Paul Carpenter and Ian Gower
4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, 12th March 2022
Directed by: Peter Sandwith


Gladys Pugh - Emma Jane Sinfield
Dawn Whistler - Denise Fensome-Derham
Tracy Bentwood - Anne Colling
Sylvia Garnsey - Siân Williams
Peggy Ollerenshaw - Jane Stephens
Jeffrey Fairbrother - Chris Neale
Fred Quilly - Pete Moore
Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves - Linda Crawshaw
Barry Stuart-Hargreaves - Adrian Woolcott
Ted Bovis - Bob Gallacher
Spike Dixon - Ashley Saunders
Mr Partridge - Steve Hales
Hilary Bovis - Liz Pearce
Mr Pritchard - Malcolm Derham

A stage adaptation of the hugely popular British TV series, which revisits the 1950s and Maplins Holiday Camp with its host of colourful characters.
It's the start of a new season and founder Joe Maplin announces that he is setting up a camp in the Bahamas. He needs female yellowcoats to go and work there and the annual "Miss Yellowcoat" competition will decide who is to go. Rivalry between the girls is fierce, with Sylvia and Gladys joint front runners to win the coveted yellow sash. Camp cleaner Peggy, meanwhile, is thrilled at the prospect of a vacancy for a new yellowcoat and convinces Entertainments Manager Jeffrey that she is the ideal candidate for the job. Ted is forced to employ numerous money-making schemes when his ex wife turns up at the camp with a bailiff in tow and Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves send the rumour mill into overdrive when they hear Gladys escorting Jeffrey into his chalet late one evening. Hi-de-hi, campers!

'Hi-De-Hi!' was sponsored by Petz Stuff: Petz Stuff

THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS Wind in the Willows
By: Adapted for the stage by Alan Bennett
3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th December 2021
Directed by: Liz Pearce


The River Bank, The Wild Wood and The Wide World:

Mole - Diane Bailey
Rat - Siân Williams
Toad - Geoff Greavey
Badger - Doug Craig
Albert (a Horse) - Steve Hales
Chief Weasel/Mouse Martin - Pete Moore
Weasel Norman - Jane Stephens
Weasel Wilfred/Motorist Rupert/Train Driver Tom - Adrian Woolcott
Weasel Walter/Salesman Parkinson/Mouse Margo - Chris Moore
Rabbit Ronald/Mouse Malcolm/Washerwoman Wendy - Roger Bailey
Rabbit Robert/Bargewoman Brenda - Jane Brimble
Rabbit Rose/Motorist Monica/Gypsy Glenda - Pat Parker
Rabbit Rowena/Mouse Molly/Gaoler's Daughter Jenny - Anne Colling
Rabbit Rosalind/Fox Felicity - Denise Richards
Hedgehog Herbert/Policeman - Terry Jones
Hedgehog Harold/Magistrate - Steven Postgate

The Children from Thompson School of Dance and Performing Arts:

Rabbit Rebecca/Mrs Olivia Otter/Mouse Megan - Maria Bott
Rabbit Rachel/Otter Portia/Mouse Matilda - Izabella Smith
Rabbit Ruth/Hedgehog Tommy/Mouse Maureen - Polina Krylova
Rabbit Rosemarie/Hedgehog Billy/Mouse Margaret - Ciara Economopoulos
Rabbit Roxanne/Hedgehog Freddy/Mouse Martha - Maria Shomalistos

When Toad’s latest craze lands him in prison the Weasels occupy Toad Hall and plan to turn it into a Leisure Centre.
Will Toad escape to reclaim the ancestral home? Will Mole, Ratty and Badger forgive him and come to his aid?
Will Albert the horse EVER cheer up?!
This timeless English classic is given a festive, musical twist in Alan Bennett’s charming adaptation. A perfect Christmas treat! Poop Poop!

23 - 25th September, 30th September - 2nd October 2021

By: Robert Iles
Directed by: Fiona Greavey


Anne - Carole Manuel
Chris - Adriana Panas Webb
Pamela - Dawn Charman
Jenny - Jan West

A poignant one-act comedy for four women of mixed ages. Sitting by a canal with a fishing rod and a hip flask, a lone woman finds herself at the centre of a growing group of strangers, each with a tale to share and a problem to solve.

By: David Tristram
Directed by: Jane Stephens


Gordon - Peter Sandwith
Bernie - Carol Harvey
Joyce - Penny Cook
Margaret - Jan West

Membership of the local amateur drama society has dwindled to four. Time for dramatic action. There's only one thing that sells tickets these days - sex. But how will the locals react to the promise of a sizzling sex comedy? All is revealed in this fast-paced comedy of an Am-Dram in trouble.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL - A seasonal burlesqueXmasCarol
By: Doug Craig and Adrian Waygood
3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th December 2020
Directed by: Doug Craig


Adrian Woolcott - Ebeneezer Scrooge, Edna Scrooge
Peter Sandwith - Bob Cratchit, Ghost of Christmas Past, Burke
Liz Pearce - Mrs Bloomers, Edwina Scrooge, Fairy Godmother
Doug Craig - Ghost of Jacob Marley
Jane Stephens - Mrs Cratchit, Carol Singer 2, Stripper, Young Ebeneezer, Scrooge's Body
Brian Randell - Mad Doctor, Eddie Scrooge
Chris Neale - Ghost of Christmas Present, Hare, Carol Singer 1, Sir Jasper de Rasper
Ashley Saunders - Tiny Tim, Ghost of Christmas Future

Stage One is pleased to present our first post-lockdown production. It is a broad comic interpretation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol written by Doug Craig and Adrian Waygood. All the characters of the classic story are there but maybe not quite as you expect them – but the excitement and message of the original tale are still paramount and Scrooge is taken on the journey which will show him the error of his ways. Due to the current restrictions the production will feature only 8 actors although there are some 24 characters so be prepared for some amazing transformations – height, width, gender number of limbs – all no problem to our team of experienced and surgically enhanced actors.

By: Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall
4th - 7th March 2020
Directed by: Mick Page


Florence Boothroyd - Carol Harvey
Alice Fisher - Jan West
Geoffrey Fisher - Terry Jones
Billy Fisher - Steve Postgate
Arthur Crabtree - Allan Devereux
Barbara - Anne Colling
Rita - Jane Stephens
Liz - Carol Page

A teenager in a North Country town, Billy Fisher weaves a world of his own out of his day dreams. He is an incurable liar, idle and dishonest, and to escape from his dull job as an undertaker's clerk and his dreary domestic background he imagines himself in so many different situations that truth and fiction become hopelessly intermingled.

CINDERELLA 2 - THE UGLIES' REVENGECinderella 2 - The Uglies' Revenge
By: Doug Craig
1st, 3rd-7th December 2019
Directed by: Doug Craig


Harkey Herald - Malcolm Derham
Daley Herald - Brian Randell
Dandini - Diane Bailey
Buttons - Ashley Saunders
Baron Hardupp - Vic Grigson
Baroness Hardupp - Liz Pearce
Horrifica - Adrian Woolcott
Disgusta - Roger Bailey
Simple Sarah - Jane Stephens
King - Sian Williams
Cinderella - Jezebel Groove
Lady in Waiting - Chris Fox
Wicked Witch - Linda Lythgoe
Fairy Godmother - Alex Chapman
Chorus - David Burrows, Anne Colling, Roland Colling, Chris Fox, Richard Jordan, Maggie Wright Dancers from Thompson School of Dance and Performing Arts - Isabella Amer, Maria Bott, Olivia Kanakanti, Jasmine Kanakanti, Lida Kaplunova, Eva Shomalistos, Polina Tkhomirova.

An ideal opportunity to boo, hiss and cheer in a Traditional Family Pantomime.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? What Happens Next? and Black Comedy
By: Siân Williams
2nd - 5th October 2019
Directed by: Caroline Harman Smith

Betty - Penny Cook
Rose - Jane Brimble
Gary - Ralph Taylor

By: Peter Shaffer
2nd - 5th October 2019
Directed by: Siân Williams

Brindsley Miller - Mick Page
Carol Melkett - Diane Bailey
Miss Furnival - Janet West
Colonel Melkett - Adrian Woolcott
Harold Gorringe - Peter Sandwith
Schuppanzigh - Brian Randell
George Bamberger - Malcolm Derham
Clea - Jane Stephens

Struggling sculptor Brindsley Miller and his fiancee, Carol, are having a party with the aim of impressing Carol's bombastic father, Colonel Melkett, and millionaire Georg Bamberger. They hope the two men might purchase some of Brindsley's sculptures. Without permission, they have borrowed the furniture and effects of their fussy neighbour, Harold, to make their own flat more presentable. Just before the guests arrive, the main fuse blows, plunging the flat into darkness. What follows is a frantic romp with unexpected visitors, mistaken identities, and surprises lurking in every dark corner! Only we, the audience, can see the action that ensues in the dark. As you might expect, the results are chaotic, disastrous and very funny indeed!

'Black Comedy' was dedicated to and sponsored by Paul Minvalla. He was a member of the box office team, a reluctant actor and a constant supporter of Stage One Theatre, who sadly died in January 2019.

By: J B Priestley
7th - 11th May 2019
Directed by: Peter Sandwith


Ruby Birtle - Emma-Jane Nicolaou
Gerald Forbes - Allan Devereux
Mrs Northrop - Carole Manuel
Nancy Holmes - Jane Stephens
Fred Dyson - Brian Randell
Henry Ormonroyd - Doug Craig
Joe Helliwell - Geoff Greavey
Maria Helliwell - Jackie Matthews
Albert Parker - Chris Neale
Herbert Soppitt - Mike Crawshaw
Clara Soppitt - Penny Cook
Annie Parker - Jan West
Lottie Grady - Dawn Charman
Major Barbara - Denise Richards

A group of three couples, old friends and all married on the same day in the same chapel, gathers at the Helliwells’ home to celebrate their silver anniversary. When they discover that they are not legally married, each couple initially reacts with proper Victorian horror – what will the neighbours think? – and all three couples find themselves re-evaluating their marriages; hovering closely over the proceedings is the Yorkshire Argus' alcohol-soaked photographer, keen to record the evening's events for posterity, and a wickedly destructive housekeeper who is hoping to use the couples' mortification to her own advantage. In the end, of course, everything turns out well, and the play ends on a happy note.

'When We Are Married' was sponsored by Petz Stuff:

By: Denise Deegan
5th - 9th March 2019
Directed by: Liz Pearce


Miss Imelda Gibson, Headmistress - Chris Neale
Daisy Meredith - Carol Page
Sybil Burlington - Jane Stephens
Daphne, Daisy's mother - Christine Fox
Belinda Mathieson, Form Captain - Jane Brimble
Clare Beaumont, Head Girl - Janet West
Alice Fitzpatrick, Prefect - Siân Williams
Trixie Martin - Louise Vreony
Monica Smithers - Diane Smith
Winnie Irving - Anne Colling
Dora Johnston - Christine Fox
Miss Granville, English Teacher - Jackie Matthews
Mr Scoblowski, Music Teacher - Mick Page
Mademoiselle, French Teacher - Denise Richards
Mr Thompson, Assistant Gardener - Ralph Taylor

Daisy Meredith is the new girl at the spiffy Grangewood Boarding School for Girls – and the first girl from a poor background to win a scholarship. She dreams of midnight feasts, learning to play hockey and making new friends with the jolly rich girls. But not everyone wants to be Daisy’s friend – Sybil and Monica aren’t too keen for such riff-raff to join their prestigious educational establishment. Lines are drawn, enemies are made and soon Daisy is on an adventure to disprove false accusations, search for the hidden treasure that is rumoured to exist, and discover who the mysterious man is seen wandering the grounds. A long running success in London’s West End, Denise Deegan’s comic spoof of 1920s schoolgirl adventure stories is jolly spiffing fun! Come and see it or Matron will send you to your dorm with no tea.

'Daisy Pulls It Off' was sponsored by Private British School Aspire :

By: Terry Pratchett, adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs
4th - 8th December 2018
Directed by: Geoff Greavey


Esmerelda 'Granny' Weatherwax - Jane Stephens
Gytha 'Nanny' Ogg - Liz Pearce
Magrat Garlick - Sam Morrison-Williams
Verence the Fool - Andreas Tavros
Verence (The Ghost) - Mike Crawshaw
Duke Leonal Felmet - Pete Moore
Duchess Lady Felmet - Linda Crawshaw
Vitoller/Guard 2 - Doug Craig
Tomjon/Demon/Soldier 1 - John Breen
Hwel/Soldier 2/ Guard 3 - Keith Morrison-Williams
Sergeant/Guard 1 - Malcolm Derham
Mrs Vitoller/Gumridge - Siân Williams
Wimsloe/Bowman/Actor/Guard 4/Robber 1 - Brian Randell
Chamberlain/Bedlin/Peasant/Robber 2 - Richard Jordan
Witch 1 - Chris Neale
Witch 2 - Denise Richards
Witch 3 - Jackie Mathews

Terry Pratchett takes Shakespeare's Macbeth and then turns it up 'till the knob comes off. It's all there - a wicked duke and duchess, the ghost of the murdered king, dim soldiers, strolling players, a land in peril. And who stands between the Kingdom and destruction? Three witches. Granny Weatherwax (intolerant, self-opinionated, powerful), Nanny Ogg (down-to-earth, vulgar) and Magrat Garlick (naive, fond of occult jewellery and bunnies).

'Wyrd Sisters' was sponsored by Columbia Worldwide Movers:

THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGEThe Killing of Sister George
By: Frank Marcus
2nd - 6th October 2018
Directed by: Caroline Harman Smith


June Buckridge (Sister George) - Penelope Cook
Alice 'Childie' McNaught - Jan West
Mrs Mercy Croft - Linda Lythgoe
Madame Xenia - Denise Richards

June Buckridge, famous for her portrayal of Sister George, the district nurse in a rural radio soap, is suffering a dual crisis. Professionally, she is terrified that her character is due for the chop. Domestically, she also worries that she is losing her powerful grip over her long time lodger and probable lover, the child-like Alice. As a result, she becomes increasingly impossible to live with. Relationships are explored through scenes of clown-like comedy juxtaposed with moments of real pathos. There are interventions in the action from Mercy Croft, June's producer at the BBC who has her own private agenda, and Madame Xenia, a clairvoyant from the flat downstairs who offers warnings that all in the future is not looking rosy.

By: Gérald Sibleyras. Translated by Tom Stoppard
2nd - 5th May 2018
Directed by: Denis Worth


Henri - Peter Sandwith
Philippe - Chris Neale
Gustave - Geoff Greavey

Gustave, Philippe, and Henri – war heroes, all – are plotting an escape. They've had enough of the tortures of their confinement: dictatorial captors, untrustworthy fellow prisoners, and far too many birthday parties. Indeed, life in a retired soldiers' home is almost unbearable! So, while keeping each other company on the back patio, they hatch a plan to escape to Indochina, or at least to a picnic under the poplars on a nearby hill. Winner of London's prestigious Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, Tom Stoppard's adaptation of this French play is playful, bawdy, and heartbreakingly funny.

'Heroes' was sponsored by RoofSeal. Email RoofSeal

By: Phil Woods with Michael Bogdanov
28th February - 3rd March 2018
Directed by: Doug Craig
Music by: Carol Economou


Tale Tellers:
MC - Geoff Greavey
Knight - Roger Bailey
Wife of Bath - Caroline Harman Smith
Reeve - Brian Randell
Nun's Priest - Allan Devereux
Pardoner - Peter Sandwith
Merchant - Ashley Saunders
Miller - Chris Neale

The Nun's Priest's Tale:
Chanticleer - Chris Neale
Pertelote - Jackie Matthews
Chicken 1 - Jane Stephens
Chicken 2 - Jordan Walters
Daughter - Siân Williams
Fox - Ashley Saunders
Gwen - Nigel Payne

The Knight's Tale:
Palamon - Ashley Saunders
Arcite - Jordan Walters
Theseus - Geoff Greavey
Jailer - Chris Neale
Hyppolita - Siân Williams
Emily - Jane Stephens

The Pardoner's Tale:
Tom - Allan Devereux
Dick - Ashley Saunders
Harry - Jordan Walters
Barmaid - Siân Williams
Coffin Bearer 1 - Malcolm Derham
Coffin Bearer 2 - Brian Randell
Old Lady - Jackie Matthews
Shopkeeper - Caroline Harman Smith
Devil - Malcolm Derham

The Wife of Bath's Tale:
Knight (Miller) Maiden - Jane Stephens
King - Ashley Saunders
Queen - Siân Williams
Woman 1 - Allan Devereux
Woman 2 - Jordan Walters
Woman 3 - Malcolm Derham
Hag - Jane Stephens

The Merchant's Tale:
January - Brian Randell
Justinus - Malcolm Derham
May - Siân Williams
Damian - Jordan Walters
Pluto - Allan Devereux
Proserpine - Jane Stephens

The Reeve's Tale:
John - Ashley Saunders
Alan - Jordan Walters
Dobbin - Malcolm Derham
Miller - Chris Neale
Molly - Jane Stephens
Mrs Simpkins - Jackie Matthews

The Miller's Tale:
Nicholas - Allan Devereux
Alison - Jane Stephens
Absalom (Miller) John - Nigel Payne

Phil Woods has updated Chaucer to recreate for a modern audience the spectacle, humour and bawdiness of the fourteenth-century original. Set in the present, the tales are told in the form of an annual "Geoffrey Chaucer Canterbury Tale-telling Competition", with the audience invited on stage between tales.

'Canterbury Tales' was sponsored by The UKCA Social Club:

FIDDLER ON THE ROOFFiddler on the Roof
By: Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick
5th - 9th December 2017
Directed by: Cathy Asater
Music directed by: Sara Jones


Tevye - Geoff Greavey
Golde - Mary Keoghan
Yente - Liz Pearce
Tzeitel - Adriana Panas Webb
Hodel - Louise Vreony
Chava - Melissa Hobbs
Shprintze - Jasmine Stanford
Bielke - Anna Featherstone
Motel - Peter Sandwith
Perchik/Fyedka - Andreas Tavros
Lazar Wolf - Peter Moore
Constable - Terry Jones
Rabbi - Peter Smith
Mendel - Nigel Payne
Mordcha - Alan Cartwright
Avrahm - Chris Neale
Grandma Tzeitel - Chris Fox
Fruma-Sarah - Emma-Jane Nicolaou
Shandel - Dawn Charman
Two Jewish Boys - Max Sweet, Adam Featherstone
Russian Singer - Debbie Hopkinson
Nachum - Mark Caskey
Fiddler - Mary Cartwright

Roger Bailey, Mark Caskey, Dawn Charman, Anne Colling, Adam Featherstone, Chris Fox, Fiona Greavey, Debbie Hopkinson, Chris Hoskins, Jackie Matthews, Chris Moore, Diane Smith, Jan West, Maggie Wright

Priest/Barman/Russian Thug - Malcolm Derham
Barman/Russian Thug - Steve Woodcock
Russians - Jay Dahler, Roma Lukasherich

Bottle Dancers - Elicia Bryans, Isabella Grace Cairns, Anna Featherstone, Miah Harris
Russian Dancers - Elicia Bryans, Isabella Grace Cairns, Miah Harris

Set in the little village of Anatevka, the story centres on Tevye, a poor milkman, and his five daughters. With the help of a colourful and tight-knit Jewish community, Tevye tries to protect his daughters and instil them with traditional values in the face of changing social customs and the growing anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia. Rich in historical and ethnic detail, Fiddler on the Roof's universal theme of tradition cuts across barriers of race, class, nationality and religion, leaving audiences crying tears of laughter, joy and sadness.

'Fiddler on the Roof' was sponsored by Petz Stuff:

By: Ben Elton
3rd - 7th October 2017
Directed by: Margaret Wright


Doris Wallis - Louise Vreony
Peggy - Sam Morrison-Williams
Douglas - Terry Jones
Sidney - Keith Morrison -Williams
Eduardo - Jordan Walters

Doris Wallace, bitchy queen of the tabloid press, is on the verge of a glorious venture in TV. She's not going to let anything get in her way, not even the silly cow suing her for libel. Any skeletons she may have in her cupboard are, like her bondage gear, firmly locked up - or so she thinks.

'Silly Cow' was sponsored by Martyn & Chris:

BLOOD BROTHERS (play version)Blood Brothers
By: Willy Russell
2nd - 6th May 2017
Directed by: Penny Cook


Narrator - Mick Page
Mrs Johnston - Louise Vreony
Mrs Lyons - Carol Harvey
Mickey Johnston - Allan Devereux
Edward Lyons - Mark Farnsworth
Linda - Jane Stephens
Policeman, Doctor, Judge - Nigel Payne
Mr Johnston, Sammy Johnston - Malcolm Derham
Warehouseman - Terry Jones

The story tells of twin brothers and what happens when their mother decides to have one of them adopted. Their contrasting upbringing and the hand fate deals them is fast-moving, perceptive and ultimately tragic.

'Blood Brothers' was sponsored by Sunflower deli - cafe- bistro Sunflowerbistrocyprus

By: Agatha Christie
1st - 4th March 2017
Directed by: Liz Pearce


Mollie Ralston - Sam Morrison-Williams
Giles Ralston - Keith Morrison-Williams
Christopher Wren - Peter Sandwith
Mrs Boyle - Carole Manuel
Major Metcalf - Ralph Taylor
Miss Casewell - Jackie Matthews
Mr Paravicini - Brian Randell
Detective Sergeant Trotter - Mick Page

Mysterious twists and thrilling turns abound when a group of strangers stranded in a guest house during a snowstorm discover that a murderer is in their midst. Whodunnit? Is it one of the suspicious newlyweds or the spinster with the curious background? Perhaps it’s the architect, the retired Army major or the strange man running from his past. Enjoy an evening of exhilarating intrigue as Agatha Christie’s greatest mystery unfolds to its surprising conclusion!

'The Mousetrap' was sponsored by 3D Global Wealth Management:

WIFE BEGINS AT FORTYWife Begins at Forty
By: Ray Cooney
29th November - 3rd December 2016
Directed by: Carol Harvey


Bernard Harper - Andy Fox
George Harper - Peter Sandwith
Linda Harper - Carol Page
Roger Dixon - Simon Welch
Betty Dixon - Louise Vreony
Leonard Harper - Blake Fryer

This hilarious comedy tells the story of Linda Harper, a woman who has been married to George for seventeen years. Dissatisfied with her marriage both spiritually and physically, she decides to leave the family home, when in fact George moves out, giving her a chance to find herself through a variety of courses. When George returns home to sort out maintenance arrangements with the help of neighbours Roger and Betty, he and Linda then discover that the flames of passion are not quite dead.

'Wife Begins at Forty' was sponsored by Chase Buchanan:

By: Neil Simon
27th September - 1st October 2016
Directed by: Doug Craig and Denis Worth


Visitor from Mamaroneck
Bellhop - Ashley Saunders
Karen Nash - Jan West
Sam Nash - Geoff Greavey
Jean McCormack - Jane Stephens

Visitor from Hollywood
Bellhop - Ashley Saunders
Jesse Kiplinger - Phil Lucien
Muriel Tate - Judith Fox

Visitor from Forest Hills
Norma Hubley - Liz Pearce
Roy Hubley - Chris Neale
Borden Eisler - Ashley Saunders
Mimsey Hubley - Jane Stephens

Hilarity abounds in this portrait of three couples successively occupying a suite at the Plaza.

'Plaza Suite' was sponsored by Alternative Hearing:

THE VICAR OF DIBLEY IN LOVE AND MARRIAGEThe Vicar of Dibley in Love and Marriage
By: Richard Curtis & Paul Mayhew-Archer
3rd - 7th May 2016
Directed by: Peter Sandwith


Mrs Letitia Cropley - Dawn Charman
Alice Horton - Carol Page
Hugo Horton - Allan Devereux
Geraldine Granger - Emma-Jane Nicolaou
Owen Newitt - Brian Randell
David Horton - Geoff Greavey
Jim Trott - Chris Jacobson
Frank Pickle - Andy Fox
Cecil - Simon Welch
Tristan Campbell - Mark Farnsworth
Simon Horton - Mick Page
Rev Jeremy - John Holland
Harry Kennedy - Ashley Saunders

Following the audience's enjoyment of The Vicar of Dibley in December 2013 at Emba, we now return to Dibley to catch up with the usual residents and see Geraldine falling in love and hoping to find the man of her dreams.

'The Vicar of Dibley in Love and Marriage' was sponsored by Petz Stuff:

By: Agatha Christie
1st - 5th March 2016
Directed by: Andy Fox

Thomas Rogers - Nigel Payne
Mrs Rogers - Carole Manuel
Fred Narracott - Richard Crawshaw
Vera Claythorne - June Henderson
Philip Lombard - Peter Sandwith
Anthony Marston - Phil Lucien
William Blore - Chris Neale
General Mackenzie - Brian Randell
Emily Brent - Florence Haire
Sir Lawrence Wargrave - Mike Crawshaw
Dr Armstrong - Allan Devereux
and featuring the voice of Paul Minvalla

“And then there were None” by Agatha Christie is based on Christie’s book of 1939, and the play opened in London in 1943. In this superlative mystery, ten strangers are trapped on an island off the Devon coast. One by one, they are accused of murder, and one by one they start to die as they succumb to a diabolical avenger. This production is Christie's stage play and is quite different to BBC1's Christmas show.

'And Then There Were None' was sponsored by Fitzgerald Marketing:

By: Norman Robbins
29th November - 5th December 2015
Directed by: Margaret Wright

Dame Goodbody - Graham Ormiston
Venus - Denise Richards
Carabosse - June Henderson
Princess Carmen - Michaela Angeli
Prince Valiant - Louise Vreony
King Cedric - Malcolm Derham
Fusspot, Lord Chamberlain - John Holland
Queen Semolina - Jackie Matthews
Bawl - Dawn Charman
Shout - Nigel Payne
Harley Quinn - Allan Devereux

Adult Chorus - Jean Bliss, Melissa Hobbs, Jane Stephens, Jemma Stretch, Jeannette Swankie-Smith
Junior Chorus - Alyssa Charleston, Nicholas Michaels, Antonia Neofytou, Ellie Paraskeva, Loukiani Roumelioti, Fabio Symeou
Fairies - Nikoletta Antoniou, Tyler Jane Booth, Leila Clare, Georgina Moakler, Izabella Neofytou, Antonia Roumelioti

A classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. Our Princess Carmen, in a twist from tradition, met her Prince in an earlier scene than is normally accepted. Our wicked witch was truly wicked and our young chorus and dancers joined us from Young Stars stage group.

'The Sleeping Beauty' was sponsored by Number 10 Peyia:

By: Alan Ayckbourn
29th September - 3rd October 2015
Directed by: Mike Crawshaw

Annie - Carol Page
Sarah - Judith Fox
Tom - Allan Devereux
Reg - Geoff Greavey
Norman - Mick Page
Ruth - Carol Harvey

The events of one weekend as seen from the dining room. In which Reg finds food rather scarce despite having it thrown at him by Sarah... Sarah is scandalised by Annie... Annie is disappointed by men in general and Tom in particular... Tom knocks down Norman... Norman's romantic proposals are ruined thanks to Ruth... Ruth loses her patience, her temper and her glasses... and in which everyone has trouble deciding where to sit....

'Table Manners' was sponsored by Hammers Auction House:

Philip King & Falkland L Cary
23rd May 2015
Directed by: Judith Fox

Victor - Mick Page
Visitor 1/3 - Jane Roberts
Visitor 2/4 - Carol Page

Pam Valentine
23rd May 2015
Directed by: Caroline Harman Smith

Fifi - Carole Manuel
Fritz - Brian Randell
Ben - Andy Fox
Ginger - Liam Smith
Warden - Allan Devereux
Visitor - Jemma Stretch

A charity event in aid of Paphiakos & CCP Animal Welfare, and Cyprus Kidney Association (Paphos).

THE 39 STEPSThe 39 Steps
By: Adapted by Patrick Barlow, from the Novel by John Buchan
5th - 9th May 2015
Directed by: Geoff Greavey

Richard Hannay - Peter Sandwith
Annabella Schmidt/Pamela Edwards/Margaret McTyte - June Henderson
Clown 1 - Denis Worth
Clown 2 - Chris Neale

This blissfully funny show follows the incredible adventures of Richard Hannay as he encounters dastardly murders, double crossing secret agents and devastatingly beautiful women. This inventive and gripping comedy thriller has been running in the West End for 8 years and features four fearless actors, playing 139 roles in 100 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action.

'The 39 Steps' was sponsored by Hammers Auction House:

HOLMES AND THE RIPPERHolmes and the Ripper
By: Brian Clemens
3rd - 7th March 2015
Directed by: Penny Cook

Sherlock Holmes - Andy Fox
Watson - Mike Crawshaw
Kate Mead - Linda Matthews
Sir William Gull - Graham Ormiston
Anderson - Malcolm Derham
Netley - Nigel Payne
Mrs Hudson - Bronwen Powell
Eddy/Bradbury/Lamplighter - Allan Devereux
Eddows/Flower Seller/Streetwalker - Carol Harvey
Saunders/Newspaper Seller - Ralph Taylor
Mary Kelly - Shelley Cairns
Annie - Rebecca Miller
Lord Salisbury - Neville Milner

The grisly serial killings of prostitutes and vulnerable women in Whitechapel, dubbed by the popular press as the work of 'Jack the Ripper' are the talk of London, and from deep within the smog-ridden slums, yet another piercing shriek is heard. Holmes and Watson are drawn into one of the darkest plots ever to shake the foundations of England.

'Holmes and the Ripper' was sponsored by Hammers Auction House:

By: Phil Willmott, from the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
1st - 6th December 2014
Directed by: Caroline Harman Smith

Jim Hawkins - Blake Fryer
Lady Jacqueline Trelawney - Penny Cook
Miss Lucinda Livesey - Carol Page
Captain Obadiah Smollett - Mick Page
Ben Gunn - Malcolm Derham
Captain Flint - Lauren Dackombe
Long John Silver - Stuart Swallow
George Merry - Nigel Payne
Billy Bones - Nigel Payne
Shoreditch Sal - Denise Richards
Blind Pugh - Brian Randell
Black Dog - Malcolm Derham
Cheng I Sao - Bronwen Powell
Gentleman Jack - Graham Ormiston
Harriet Flash - June Henderson
Piccadilly Poll - Carol Harvey
Nightingale Nell - Jane Roberts
Meg Trueblood - Dawn Charman
Musician - Yvonne Dreyer

'Treasure Island' was sponsored by 3D Global Wealth Management:

By: Amanda Whittington
30th September - 4th October 2014
Directed by: Cathy Asater

Joe - Andy Fox
Tom - Ian Pengely
Pearl - Penny Cook
Jan - Yvonne Bradley
Shelley - Dawn Charman
Linda - June Henderson
Bill - Niall Brander
Ben - Alex Undervale
Airline Pilot - Dick Taylor
Shane - Nick Harvey
Charlie - Nigel Payne
Danny - Geoff Greavey
Koala Bare - Brian Randell
Bondi Bitch - Allan Devereux

After hitting the jackpot at Ladies' Day, the fish-filleting foursome are celebrating in style with a trip to Australia. As they travel from Hull to the Gold Coast, Uluru and the bright lights of Sydney, they embark on a journey of self-discovery. While Shelley sees there's more to Oz than sun-kissed beaches, Pearl finds herself with a mountain to climb.

'Ladies Down Under' was sponsored by Hammers Auction House:

By: Terence Rattigan
6th - 10th May 2014
Directed by: Chris Ekin-Wood

Sybil Railton-Bell - Jan West
Major Angus Pollock - Peter Sandwith
Mrs Maude Railton-Bell - Sue Crawshaw/Linda Woods
Lady Gladys Matheson - Florence Haire
Charles Stratton - Mark Farnsworth
Pat Cooper - Liz Pearce
Mr Fowler - Nigel Payne
Miss Meacham - Penny Cook
Jean Tanner - Sheila Middlehurst
Anne Shankland - June Henderson
Mabel - Linda Woods/Fiona Greavey
John Malcolm - Mick Page
Doreen - Emma-Jane Nicolaou
Edgar - Paul Minvalla

At the Beauregard Hotel, Bournemouth, in 1953 there is an ensemble of eccentric residential guests who all share one common trait – loneliness. Over a short period, many secrets are discovered. The play is an adaptation by director Chris Ekin-Wood of Terence Rattigan’s provocative, sensitive play that followed the film version giving an emotional evening where four of these guests bared their innermost secrets – and changed each other’s lives forever. Other guests too were also left exposed. The original play had two stars portraying four roles. In this version the four roles were played by different actors working on a multiple set that incorporated Stage One’s theatre features – it promised to be an exciting project.

'Separate Tables' was sponsored by Chloes 2 Restaurants:

OUT OF ORDEROut of Order
By: Ray Cooney
4th - 8th March 2014
Directed by: Andy Fox

Richard Willey MP - Chris Neale
The Manager - Ralph Taylor
The Waiter - Nigel Payne
Jane Worthington - Dawn Charman
A Body - Brian Randell
George Pigden - Peter Sandwith
The Maid - Sheila Middlehurst
Ronnie Worthington - Mark Farnsworth
Pamela Willey - Jan West
Gladys - Judith Fox

When Richard Willey, MP, plans to spend the evening with Jane, secretary to the Leader of the Opposition, things go disastrously wrong - beginning with the discovery of a "body" trapped in the hotel's only unreliable window. Desperately trying to get out of a potentially headline-making situation, Richard calls for his PPS, George. However, with a conniving waiter, a suspicious hotel manager, an alert private detective, an angry wife, a furious husband, a bungling secretary, an unconscious nurse and a dead body to deal with, this is not the romantic evening Richard had planned.

'Out of Order' was sponsored by The Learning Centre, Peyia:

THE VICAR OF DIBLEYThe Vicar of Dibley
By: Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer
2nd - 7th December 2013
Directed by: Peter Sandwith

Mrs Letitia Cropley - Dawn Charman
David Horton - Geoff Greavey
Frank Pickle - Ralph Taylor
Hugo Horton - Allan Devereux
Jim Trott - Christian Jacobson
Geraldine Granger - Emma-Jane Nicolaou
Owen Newitt - Ken Wiseman
Alice Tinker - Carol Page

Children - Lauren Dackombe, George Eagle, Blake Fryer, Melissa Hobbs, George Michaelides, Noni Nicolaou, Lucy Shervington, Markos Symeonides

A two act play with all your favourite characters from the hugely popular TV series. Relive the arrival of the new female Vicar, Geraldine Granger, and meet again the many insane inhabitants of the quiet village of Dibley.

'The Vicar of Dibley' was sponsored by Petz Stuff:

By: Robert Harling
1st - 5th October 2013
Directed by: Cathy Asater

Truvy - Liz Pearce
Annelle - Rebecca Miller
Clairee - Carole Manuel
Shelby - Annabelle Goard
M'Lynn - June Henderson
Ouiser - Yvonne Bradley

Steel Magnolias is a comedy–drama play about the bond among a group of Southern women in northwest Louisiana. It is written by Robert Harling, based on his experience with the death of his sister. The title suggests the "female characters are as delicate as magnolias but as tough as steel". The magnolia specifically references a magnolia tree they are arguing about at the beginning.

'Steel Magnolias' was sponsored by Skyy Consulting Limited:

By: Richard Harris
7th - 11th May 2013
Directed by: Carol Harvey

Michael Smethurst - Mick Page
Mrs Hinson - Carole Manuel
Roma Smethurst - Dawn Charman
David Hinson - Andy Fox
Jennifer - Judith Fox
Toby Hancock - Terry Jones
Sandy Lloyd-Meredith - Gail Stokes

It is the night of Michael's and Roma's fancy dress house-warming party. The evening looks to be a lively one until a string of disasters strike, including a distinct lack of guests, a burning garden shed, a marauding zimmer frame and the prospect of an irate husband on the prowl. Michael's and Roma's patience is further tried by the arrival of their neighbours, the indomitable Mrs Hinson, who brings her own brand of party entertainment in the form of the domestic squabbles of her son and daughter-in-law.

'Party Piece' was sponsored by the Expat Pension Advisory Service:

DISPOSING OF THE BODYDisposing of the Body
By: Hugh Whitemore
5th - 9th March 2013
Directed by: Penelope Cook

Henry Preece - Denis Worth
Angela, his wife - Liz Pearce
Ben, his son - Allan Devereux
Alexander Barley - Nigel Payne
Joanna, his wife - Carol Page
Kate, Henry's sister - Heather Dackombe
Detective Inspector Clive Poole - Peter Sandwith
Bassett - Mark Farnsworth
Waitress - Chris Hoskins

From the pen of the playwright who gave us "Pack of Lies" and "Breaking the Code" comes this elegant and tantalising new play. For Henry Preece, embarking on early retirement with his attractive wife, things start to unravel. "All my life", he says, "I've either been looking back at happy times that have gone or looking forward to the happiness to come." When an unexpected passion is given full rein Henry realises that the door he's just flung open should have remained tightly shut. This is an intriguing play, full of unexpected happenings.

'Disposing of the Body' was sponsored by Angel Guardians:

By: Tim Firth
3rd - 8th December 2012
Directed by: Peter Sandwith

Cora - Dawn Charman
Chris - Penelope Cook
Annie - Carol Harvey
Jessie - Carole Manuel
Celia - Judith Fox
Brenda Hulse - Maureen Moeton
Lady Cravenshire - Caroline Harman Smith
Ruth - Louise Vreony
Marie - Linda Woods
John - Geoff Greavey
Rod - Andy Fox
Lawrence - Allan Devereux
Elaine - Heather Dackombe
Liam - Nigel Payne

When Annie’s husband John dies of Leukaemia she and her best friend Chris decide to raise money for a new settee for the local hospital waiting room. They manage to persuade four fellow Women’s Institute members Cora, Celia, Ruth and Jessie to pose nude for an ‘alternative’ calendar, with a little help from hospital porter and amateur photographer Lawrence. News of the women’s charitable venture spreads like wild fire and hordes of press soon descend on the small village of Knapely in the Yorkshire Dales. The Calendar is a success but Chris and Annie’s friendship is put to the test under the strain of new found fame.

'Calendar Girls' was sponsored by Petz Stuff.

SPRING AND PORT WINESpring and Port Wine
By: Bill Naughton
26th - 27th October 2012
Directed by: Andy Fox

Daisy Crompton - June Henderson
Florence Crompton - Anna Lodge
Betsy Jane - Judith Fox
Wilfred Crompton - Dimitris Nicolaou
Harold Crompton - Cody Dahler
Hilda Crompton - Sophie Savva
Rafe Crompton - Terry Jones
Arthur - Mark Farnsworth

A charity event in aid of the Samaritans and MARCH.

By: Joseph Kesselring
2nd - 6th October 2012
Directed by: Caroline Harman Smith

Abby Brewster - Flo Haire
Rev Dr Harper - Ralph Taylor
Teddy Brewster - Graham Ormiston
Officer Brophy - Ken Wiseman
Officer Klein - Nigel Payne
Martha Brewster - Linda Woods
Elaine Harper - Emma Bott
Mortimer Brewster - Peter Sandwith
Mr Gibbs - Eric Manuel
Jonathan Brewster - Geoff Greavey
Dr Einstein - John Holland
Officer O'Hara - Brian Randell
Lieutenant Rooney - Lisa Remick
Mr Witherspoon - Mike Crawshaw

This is a farcical dark comedy revolving around skeletons in the closet. Mortimer Brewster , a drama critic, must deal with his crazy, homicidal family and local police in Brooklyn. His family includes two spinster aunts who have taken to murdering lonely old men by poisoning them; a brother who believes he is Teddy Roosevelt and digs locks for the Panama Canal in the cellar of the Brewster home; and a murderous brother who has received plastic surgery performed by an alcoholic accomplice, Dr. Einstein.

'Arsenic and Old Lace' was sponsored by "Cotton Traders" and "Greetings and Gifts, the card shop":

LADIES' DAYLadies' Day
By: Amanda Whittington
8th - 12th May 2012
Directed by: Carol Harvey

Jan - Annie McKewan
Linda - Jan West
Shelley - Dawn Charman
Pearl - Penny Meakins
Joe - Nigel Payne
Fred/Kevin - Terry Jones
Jim - Mark Farnsworth
Patrick - Allan Devereux
Barry - Geoff Greavey

Work, love and life are one hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda. Their luck changes when Linda finds tickets to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot in York. Out go the hairnets and overalls as the girls do themselves up and head for the races. As the day unfolds, the champagne flows, secrets spill out and their horses keep winning. By the last race, the girls are on course for a life changing win.

'Ladies' Day' was sponsored by Alternative Hearing:

By: Frederick Knott
28th February - 3rd March 2012
Directed by: Liz Pearce

Mike - Mick Page
Croker - Graham Ormiston
Roat - Andy Fox
Susy - Carol Page
Sam - Matthew King
Gloria - Rebecca Miller
1st Policeman - Ken Wiseman
2nd Policeman - Nigel Payne

The story of one blind woman's struggle against the criminal underworld. In a basement flat in Notting Hill, Susy, who is blind, is alone while her husband Sam is away on business. When Sam innocently agrees to deliver a doll to a sick child he has no idea the series of events that have been set in motion. When it goes missing the doll's secret heroin cargo is so valuable that three con-men will stop at nothing to get it. However, they have not bargained on Susy's resilience and ingenuity as she tries to make sense of the strange happenings going on around her.

'Wait Until Dark' was sponsored by Fitzgerald Estates:

By: Norman Robbins
4th, and 6th - 10th December 2011
Directed by: Penny Meakins

Fairy Bow-Bells - Annie McKewan
Queen Rat - June Henderson
Alderman Fitzwarren - Ralph Taylor
Idle Jack - Ray Kilvington
Sarah - Graham Ormiston
Dick Whittington - Louise Vreony
Tommy the Cat - Michaela Angeli
Port - Nigel Payne
Starboard - Dawn Charman
Alice - Heather Dackombe
Sultana Bunn - Emma-Jane Nicolaou
Zubediah - Rebecca Miller
Ratlings - Noni Nicolaou and Ione Baskott
Chorus- Ione Baskott, Ann Brookfield, Judith Fox, Sally Langley, David McKewan, Terry McLoughlin, Rebecca Miller, Emma-Jane Nicolaou, Noni Nicolaou, Lynne Payne, James Sinfield, Suzanne Stenning, Lorna Walton, Ken Wiseman, Sue Young

'Dick Whittington' was sponsored by Fitzgerald Estates:

ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDENRound and Round the Garden
By: Alan Ayckbourn
4th - 8th October 2011
Directed by: Mike Crawshaw

Tom - Peter Sandwith
Annie - Jan Mackay
Norman - Matthew King
Reg - Mick Page
Sarah - Judith Fox
Ruth - Liz Pearce

The events of one weekend as seen from the Garden. In which Ruth thoroughly confuses Tom... Tom succeeds in asking Annie... Annie gets a glimpse of Norman's pyjamas... Norman tells Sarah stories by moonlight... Sarah disapproves of Reg's outdoor sports... and in which everyone gets to roll in the grass...

'Round and Round the Garden' was sponsored by Fitzgerald Estates:

By: Anton Bucher
Youth Group Rosebud Entry 21st May 2011
Directed by: Cathy Asater and the Group


Cast: Sophie Crudington, Katie Gillman, Craig Carrington-Porter, Tim Squirrell, Natalia Psalta, Simon Cowell, Angelique Georgiou, Rebecca Miller, Kat Hadjipetrou, Cody Dahler, Daisy Brunskill, Sophie Savva, Gemma Burton

An energetic and high spirited play that manages to tell the story of the bible in around 45 minutes. It starts from the Book of Genesis and pushes through to Revelation. The audience meets over 100 bible characters which are presented in a comical way. Starting from creation ... to the story of the Israelites ... to Jesus and Paul, this play has most of the major points presented in the bible.

By: Michael Frayn
Rosebowl Entry 20th May 2011
Directed by: Ian Morson


John - Terry Jones
Jocasta - Emma-Jane Nicolaou
Nicholas - Andy Fox
Nancy - Louise Vreony

Four old friends meet for a quiet dinner party, only to have their evening disrupted in a most alarming way.

By: Alan Bennett
10th - 14th May 2011
Directed by: Peter Sandwith and Liz Pearce

Cast List for An Englishman Abroad:
Coral Browne - Sue Crawshaw
Guy Burgess - Geoff Greavey
Tolya - Paul Minvalla
Tailor - Mike Crawshaw
Shop Assistant - Christian Jacobson

Cast List for A Question of Attribution:
Restorer - Terry Jones
Sir Anthony Blunt - Denis Worth
Chubb - Mike Crawshaw
Phillips - Nigel Payne
Colin - Craig Carrington-Porter
Her Majesty, the Queen - Penny Meakins

In An Englishman Abroad, actress Coral Browne travels to Moscow, and meets a mysterious Englishman. Turns out he's the infamous British diplomat who spied for the Russians in the 1950, Guy Burgess. In A Question of Attribution, Sir Anthony Blunt, who was a Soviet agent for 25 years, is routinely questioned and gives no answers, but presents his interrogator with a puzzle in the shape of a doubtful Titian painting. He also does art restoration work in Buckingham Palace, where he gets into an interesting conversation with HMQ.

'Single Spies' was sponsored by Fitzgerald Estates:

THE SOUND OF MUSICThe Sound of Music

By: Rodgers and Hammerstein
20th - 26th March 2011
Directed by: Annie McTaggart and Peter Sandwith
Musical Director: Bryan Wilson
Choreographer: Emma Bott

Maria Rainer - Jezebel Groove
Mother Abbess - Jackie Matthews
Sister Berthe - Dawn Charman
Sister Margaretta - Liz Pearce
Sister Sophia - Linda Woods
Georg Von Trapp - Geoff Greavey
Franz - Paul Minvalla
Frau Schmidt - Sue Crawshaw
Liesl - Keira McElhone
Friedrich - Connor Fowler
Louisa - Natalia Psalta
Kurt - Matthew Falla
Brigitta - Lauren Russell
Marta - Rebecca Miller
Gretl - Michaela Angeli
Rolf Gruber - Craig Carrington-Porter
Elsa Schraeder - Judith Fox
Max Detweiler - Matthew King
Herr Zeller - Andy Fox
Frau Zeller - Brenda Miller
Baron Elberfeld - Brian Randell
Baroness Elberfeld - Jan West
Guests at Party - June Henderson, Heather Dackombe, Sue Stenning, Sally Langley, Roberta Dolier, Terry Jones
Postulant - Emma Bott
Von Schreiber - Mike Crawshaw
Nuns - Sally Langley, Sue Stenning, Jan West, June Henderson, Heather Dackombe, Brenda Miller, Roberta Dolier, Flo Haire
Bishop - Terry Jones
Herwegen Trio - Graham Ormiston, Christian Jacobson, Heather Dackombe
Fraulein Schweiger - Penny Meakins
German Soldiers - Terry Jones, Brian Randell

In 1930's Austria, a young woman named Maria is failing miserably in her attempts to become a nun. When the Navy captain Georg Von Trapp writes to the convent asking for a governess that can handle his seven mischievous children, Maria is given the job. The Captain's wife is dead, and he is often away, and runs the household as strictly as he does the ships he sails on. The children are unhappy and resentful of the governesses that their father keeps hiring, and have managed to run each of them off one by one. When Maria arrives, she is initially met with the same hostility, but her kindness, understanding, and sense of fun soon draws them to her and brings some much-needed joy into all their lives -- including the Captain's. Eventually he and Maria find themselves falling in love, even though Georg is already engaged to a Baroness and Maria is still a postulant. The romance makes them both start questioning the decisions they have made...

'The Sound of Music' was sponsored by Oliver's Delicatessen:

DAD'S ARMYDad's Army
By: Jimmy Perry and David Croft
30th November - 4th December 2010
Directed by: Penny Meakins

Captain Mainwaring - Mike Crawshaw
Sergeant Wilson - Terry Jones
Corporal Jones - Les Arnold
Private Pike - Cody Dahler
Private Frazer - Graham Ormiston
Private Godfrey - Ralph Taylor
Private Walker - Brian Randell
Private Sponge - Andy Fox
Chief Warden Hodges - Peter Sandwith
Mr Yeatman, the Verger - Nigel Payne
German Submarine Captain - Geoff Greavey
Colonel/Town Clerk - Ian Morson
Mrs Gray - Linda Woods
Mrs Pike - Dawn Charman
Mrs Fox - Flo Haire
Edith Parish - Louise Vreony
Ivy Samways - Sophie Savva
Waitress - Natalia Psalta
Miss Ironside - Judith Fox
Soldiers, German Sailors and Bathing Belles - Allan Hodgson, Neville Milner, Dick Taylor, Daisy Brunskill, Sue Crawshaw, Craig Carrington-Porter, Sue Stenning, Jan Clarke, June Henderson

Adaptation of the well known TV Sitcom.

'Dad's Army' was sponsored by Fitzgerald Estates:

By: Oscar Wilde
5th - 9th October 2010
Directed by: Ian Morson

Lady Marchmont - Dawn Charman
Lady Basildon - Heather Dackombe
Lord Caversham - Andy Fox
Lady Gertrude Chiltern - Liz Pearce
Mabel Chiltern - Jan West
Lady Markby - Judith Fox
Mrs Cheveley - Carol Page
Sir Robert Chiltern - Terry Jones
Lord Goring - Peter Sandwith
Phipps - Les Arnold
Mason - Paul Minvalla
Ball Guests - Les and Linda Arnold, Jenny Jacobson, Penny Meakins, Nigel Payne, Brian Randell, Suzanne Stenning, Ralph Taylor

A dazzling blend of farce and morality, this play explores human frailty and social hypocrisy. Sir Robert Chilton's secret is discovered and exposed. He is accused of having exploited government secrets for his own gain early in his political career. With this revelation from Mrs. Cheveley comes the threat of blackmail and the ruin of Sir Robert's career. Yet in order to be a successful blackmailer, one's own reputation must be beyond reproach.

'An Ideal Husband' was sponsored by Hugo's at Cafe Kambana, Kissonerga:

By: W. Somerset Maugham
18th - 22nd May 2010
Directed by: Caroline Harman Smith

Mrs Culver - Linda Woods
Bentley - Terry Jones
Martha Culver - Janet West
Barbara Fawcett - Maureen Moeton
Constance Middleton - Penny Meakins
Marie-Louise Durham - Denise Richards
John Middleton - Rojer Whieldon
Bernard Kersal - Ian Morson
Mortimer Durham - Les Arnold

Constance and John Middleton have the perfect house, perfect lives, and the perfect marriage. Or do they? When John’s affair with Constance’s best friend is suddenly public knowledge, it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems. Constance takes matters into her own hands – instead of getting mad, she decides to get even. But when the dust settles after their bitingly comic “battle of the sexes,” who will be the last one standing?

'The Constant Wife' was sponsored by Polis and Latchi Scene: and Paragon Marine Services:

By: Alan Bennett
Rosebowl Entry 7th May 2010
Directed by: Peter Sandwith


Coral Browne - Sue Crawshaw
Guy Burgess - Geoff Greavey
Tolya - Paul Minvalla
Tailor - Mike Crawshaw
Shop Assistant - Christian Jacobson

This play re-creates the 1958 chance meeting in Moscow between Guy Burgess, the infamous British diplomat who spied for the Russians in the 1950s, and English actress Coral Browne.

By: Richard Tydeman
Youth Group Rosebud Entry 7th May 2010


The Butler - Simon Cowell, Doctor Jeune - Cody Dahler, Gina - Keira McElhone, The Don - Kat Hadjipetrou, Count Gotterdammerung-Stalag - Tim Squirrell, The Countess - Daisy Brunskill, Sophie - Sophia Louise Savva, Inspector of Police - Rebecca Miller, Police Sergeant Ada Bell - Katie Gillman, PCW Bertha Mary Mincing - Craig Carrington-Porter, Detective Clara Jellyband - Emily Egan

A group of mysterious and suspicious characters gradually gather at the home of Doctor Jeune. They are clearly up to no good. But what exactly are they doing and who exactly are they? What crime has been committed - if any - and can the police solve it? All will be revealed in the fullness of time - or will it?

MURDER ON THE NILEMurder on the Nile
By: Agatha Christie
2nd - 6th March 2010
Directed by: Cathy Asater


1st Beadseller - Emily Egan/Daisy-Ann Brunskill
2nd Beadseller - Sophia Savva/Natalia Psalta
Steward - Les Arnold
Miss ffoliot-ffoulkes - Lou Scott
Christina Grant - Carol Egan
Smith - Andy Fox
Louise - Linda Woods
Dr Bessner - Geoff Greavey
Kay Mostyn - Carol Page
Simon Mostyn - Tim Squirrell
Canon Pennefather - Terry Jones
Jacqueline de Severac- June Henderson

A group of tourists take a trip on a steamboat down the Nile. The characters -- an overbearing matron, her put-upon niece, a socialist who looks down on the rich, a clergyman, a foreign doctor, newlyweds and the jilted girlfriend. Each has a skeleton in the closet, and is any of them who he or she seems? When one of them turns up dead, it is Canon Pennefather who puts together the bits and pieces until the murderer is revealed.

'Murder on the Nile' was sponsored by Petz Stuff:

By: Charles Dickens, Adapted by Shaun Sutton
1st - 5th December 2009
Directed by: Carol Harvey and Caroline Harman Smith


Scrooge - John Davis
Bob Cratchit - Peter Sandwith
Fred - Tim Squirrel
1st Portly Gent - Geoff Greavey
2nd Portly Gent - Mike Crawshaw
Marley’s Ghost - Brian Randell
Ghost Christmas Past - Wally Openheim
Scrooge (Boy) - Rebecca Miller
Mr Fezziwig - Ian Morson
Mrs Fezziwig - Dawn Charman
Emma Fezziwig - Jezebel Groove
Fanny Fezziwig - Sophia Louise Savva
Marley (Young Man) - Brian Randell
Dora - Carol Page
Scrooge (Young Man) - Paul Minvalla
Ghost Christmas Present - Graham Ormiston
Tiny Tim - Drew Psalter
Agnes (Fred’s Wife) - Emily Egan
Ghost Christmas Future - Chrissie Jackson
Mrs Cratchit - Liz Pearce
1st Business Man - Les Arnold
2nd Business Man - Brian Randell
3rd Business Man - Ian Morson
Boy/Lad - Rebecca Miller
Belinda Cratchit - Katie Gillman
Sarah Cratchit - Natalia Psalter
Peter Cratchit - Daisy Brunskill
Martha Cratchit - Carol Page
Waits - Geoff Greavey, Mike Crawshaw, Maureen Moeton, Sue Stenning, June Henderson

The classic story: 4 ghosts visit the miserly businessman Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve. The apparition of Scrooge's business partner Marley, the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas As Yet To Come guide Scrooge along his loveless present and bleak future. The vision of his own headstone and the fact that no one will mourn his death force Scrooge to see the error of his "Bah! Humbug!" attitude towards both life and Christmas.
The primary recipients of Scrooge's moral rebirth are his poor clerk Bob Cratchit and his family, especially the crippled boy Tiny Tim. Scrooge awakens from his illusions and delivers a turkey to the Cratchit household, gives Bob a raise and reconciles with his nephew.

'A Christmas Carol' was sponsored by Oliver's Delicatessen:

By: Marc Camoletti
6th - 10th October 2009
Directed by: Penny Meakins

Bernard - Terry Jones
Janet - Gail Stokes
Bertha - Flo Haire
Robert - Peter Sandwith
Jacqueline - Janet West
Judith - Judith Fox

Bernard, a successful architect living in Paris, thinks he can easily cope with his three air-hostess fiancées. It is all a question of timetables and a reliable, long-suffering housekeeper who reluctantly has the role of romantic air-traffic controller. When old college pal Robert arrives, Bernard relishes the chance to show his wide-eyed visitor his first-class operation at work. Unfortunately, when a new turbo-charged 'Super Boeing' is introduced, flights are delayed, schedules change and chaos ensues in this hysterical whirl of mayhem and matchmaking.

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TRIPLE TREAT (A Selection of One Act Plays)Triple Treat
29th April-2nd May 2009

DOUBLES (An extract from 'Alarms and Excursions')
By: Michael Frayn
Directed by: Mike Crawshaw

Lawrence - Brian Randall
Lynn - Jan West
Miles - Ray Kilvington
Melanie - Gail Stokes

Two adjoining hotel bedrooms. Two couples, strangers. Miles a joker, Laurence – boring. Their partners, Melanie, Lynn, going quietly mad. They go to dinner, return, pull the others to pieces, eavesdrop – leading to misunderstandings. The night is eventful, and embarrassing. Come the morning, balcony meetings bring more embarrassments. At the end, each couple feels unable to leave their room – for ever???

ALARMS (An extract from 'Alarms and Excursions')
By: Michael Frayn
Directed By: Ian Morson

John - Terry Jones
Jocasta - Emma Nicolaou
Nicholas - Andy Fox
Nancy - Denise Richards

A dinner party with two couples soon shows all the hallmarks of classic farce. Frayn throws in a defective smoke alarm, a buzzing kitchen timer, a renegade phone system and a lethal corkscrew for good measure – and endless laughter.

By: David Tristram
Directed By: Les Arnold

Gordon - Steve Vincent
Margaret - Penny
Joyce - Linda Woods
Bernard - Geoff Greavey

Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard are back to tackle yet another threat to their survival - this time in the shape of a rival am-dram group, newly-formed in their village, determined to upstage them with an award-winning musical. The querulous quartet pull together to devise an ingenious military-style plan that doesn't, well, go quite to plan. When their subterfuge is discovered by the rival society's psychopathic front-of-house manager, he's none too pleased. Add in a few emotional complications for Gordon, and things look a little grim for Little Grimley. Could this finally be the end of their society? ---- Don't be so sure. It's never over...until the fat lady sings.

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A Royal Family Drama by Royce Ryton
3rd - 7th March 2009
Directed by: Ian Morson

Cast List:
Queen Mary - Sue Crawshaw
David, King Edward VIII - Peter Sandwith
Bertie, Duke of York - Les Arnold
Elizabeth, Duchess of York- Liz Pearce
Mary, Princess Royal - Judith Fox
Princess Alice - Gabbi Hughes
Maybell, Countess of Airlie - Brenda Miller
The Hon. Margaret Wyndham - Lou Scott
Walter Monckton, KC - Geoff Greavey
Queen's Page, John - Tim Squirrel

Crown Matrimonial focuses on the crisis that faced the nation when Edward VIII declared his deep love for Wallis Simpson. Unswayed by the prospect of public scandal, family upheaval and even abdication, he is insistent that he will marry the woman he loves. Set in Marlborough House in 1936, this insight into the domestic life of the Royal Family shows the volatile relationship between Queen Mary and her son King Edward VIII caused by his love affair, and mirrors the other great royal constitutional crisis in 1997 portrayed in the film 'The Queen'

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CINDERS, The True StoryCinders, The True Story
A Family Pantomime by David Tristram
30th November - 6th December 2008
Directed by: Cathy Asater and Penny Meakins

Cast List:
Hairy Fairy - Ray Kilvington
Cinders - Emma Moir
Dotty - Dawn Charman
Potty - Jan Clarke
Prince Charming - Gabriella Hughes
Dandini - Lisa Remick
Baron Hardup - Ralph Taylor
Baroness Hardup - Jackie Matthews
Buttons - Cody Dahler
Chorus - Rebecca Miller, Daisy Brunskill, Eva Bell, Sophie Savva, Willie Clarke, Andy Fox, Judith Fox, June Henderson, Barbara Lewis, Liz Pearce, Brian Randell, Suzanne Stenning, Richard Taylor, Linda Woods, Pamela Williams, Maggie Wright.

Once upon a time, there was a hard-working young girl called Cinders. Everybody loved Cinders because she was gentle, shy and unassuming - NOT!
The time has come for the real story of Cinderella to be told, warts and all!
This hilarious Panto puts an interesting twist on an old familiar story, and gives us a Cinderella for the 21st Century. With all your favourite characters including Potty and Dotty, two sisters who will need a lot more than an extreme make-over to make them beautiful, a Baroness who makes Professor Snape (from the Harry Potter movie) look like a nice guy and a Fairy Godmother who, well…, has a bit of a problem!

'Cinders, The True Story' was sponsored by Oliver's Delicatessen:

By Ernest Thompson
30th September - 4th October 2008
Directed by: Ian Morson

Cast List:
Norman Thayer, Jnr - Mike Crawshaw
Ethel Thayer - Florence Haire
Chelsea Thayer Wayne - Gail Stokes
Charlie Martin - Les Arnold
Bill Ray - Brian Randell
Billy Ray - Cody Dahler

An ageing couple, Ethel and Norman Thayer arrive at their summer place on Golden Pond. Soon, their estranged daughter Chelsea shows up with her boyfriend Bill and his thirteen year old son Billy. Conflicts between Norman and Chelsea, which have been going on for years, further develop upon her arrival at the lake. Billy is eventually responsible for the resolution of the conflicts between father and daughter.

'On Golden Pond' was sponsored by ProACT Partnership:

By: Neil Simon
13th - 17th May 2008
Directed by: Caroline Harman Smith

Cast List:
Olive Madison - Liz Pearce
Florence Unger - Jan West
Sylvie - Gail Stokes
Renee - Sue Crawshaw
Vera - Dawn Charman
Mickey - Christine Jackson
Manola Costazuela - Peter Sandwith
Jesus Costazuela- Ian Morson

A group of friends assemble for Trivial Pursuit in the apartment of divorced Olive Madison. The apartment mess is a good indication why her husband left her years earlier. Late to arrive is Florence Unger who just became separated from her husband. Since she is very tense, they fear that she might commit suicide. As life would have it, the slob Olive and the neat Florence decide to move in together - with hilarious results. The patterns of their own disastrous marriages begin to reappear in this new arrangement.

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By: Bernard Slade
4th - 8th March 2008
Directed by: Penny Meakins

Cast List:
Doris - Lisa Remick
George Peters - Peter Sandwith

After a one-night stand at a country inn, happily married (but not to one another) George and Doris decide to meet again the next year, and soon they are as committed to their annual weekend together as they are to their own spouses and families. This romantic comedy covers the growth of their friendship and love over the course of a 24-year relationship, and the inevitable changes in their lives and the world around them. Same Time Next Year captures the joy, pain, and humour that typify daily - or annual - human existence.

'Same Time Next Year' was sponsored by Fikardos Wines: